Window washing service Houston enjoys providing satisfactory service. We are glad to share information for the benefit of do-it-yourself, but we also know that only professionals who have the right equipment and best techniques can achieve the best possible results. The pros at our window washing service Houston share the following information about some of the tools we use to clean windows:

Washer, also known as the wand or mop. This two-piece tool that is typically 14 inches in length and used by our window washing service in Houston has a sleeve and a plastic t-bar. Smaller washers are also used for sectioned window panes. The sleeve, which is usually fastened with buttons or Velcro, can be removed and washed.

We actually use a variety of washers in our professional window washing service in Houston. Some of the mops are fixed and others are swivel. The various types include the following:

  • Our porcupine scrubber has bits of small plastic throughout, and the plastic makes it easier to remove tough smudges.
  • There is a scouring strip on one side of the regular scourer.
  • The water retention washer is possibly of greatest use, since it retains water well enough that fewer returns to the bucket are required to get the job done.

Tools of the trade

Squeegee. The squeegee is one of the most important tools that we use in our window washing service Houston. These important window-cleaning tools are available in various levels of quality. We recommend buying a high quality squeegee, since it is such a crucial piece of equipment.

Top quality squeegees usually have three pieces, which are the handle, the channel, and the rubber edge. With this style, the rubber can usually be turned over for a new edge. The size most frequently used is the 14-inch squeegee. But we also keep and sometime use squeegees from 4 inches to 24 inches long.

Care of squeegees is important. The rubber must not be damaged or misshapen because if it is, windows will be streaked or smudged. If there is damage, the practice at our window washing service in Houston is to replace it with a fresh rubber edge.

Scraper. Of the tools we use, scrapers must be used with the most care. They are essential for removing tough marks on windows, but they have the potential to damage glass permanently. The scraper has a razor edge and is effective at removing stickers, paint, and other difficult smudges.

These are some of the tools we use but not all of them. Of course you could wash your windows yourself, but we are confident you will be more pleased with the results if you use our professional window washing service Houston.