Window Washing Residential Houston

Window washing residential Houston with excellence is much easier due to the invention of the squeegee. Originally called “squilgees,” the devices were first used by fishermen on boat decks in the middle Ages.

The squilgees were wooden swabs that effectively scraped fish guts from boat decks. It wasn’t until the 20th century that window washers showed up. This was modeled after squilgees. The rubber edges of these tools are essential for window washing residential in Houston.

Modern Squeegee Inventor

A heavy squeegee made in Chicago was considered the top-of-the-line window-cleaning tool for years. The Chicago squeegee had two pink rubber blades that were very stiff. He was unsatisfied, however, with the cumbersome, heavy steel squeegee. In which utilized twelve screws to keep the rubber blade in place.


However, his wife, who was doing janitorial work at the time, helped him find a better window-washing solution. He eventually invented the modern version of the squeegee in 1936. Then, the brass-handled tool is light and has an ultra-flexible single blade.

Yet, in spite of the improved design, it was another struggle to get the tools accepted by members of the profession and manufactured. Steccone persisted in his efforts, found success, and lived a long life. He died at the age of 87 in 1984.

In the meant time, “Ettore” is still used by professionals and homeowners for window washing residential Houston. The window-washing essential is sold today. Which is from its world headquarters in Alameda, California, and from its second location in The Netherlands. The invention has been a family legacy.

The Enshrined Squeegee

Likewise, on loan from display at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History.  Moreover, It is not the original Ettore and it is not there because of the fact that it is effective for business and window washing Houston.


The Ettore squeegee famously on display. And was used in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Of course, to free six people from an elevator shaft, one of those people being window washer Jan Demczur.

This represents one of the rare bright spots on that tragic day in U.S. history. Likewise, things happened and it worked out. Outside of history this makes and interesting story. But as is true of anything you can discover some interesting facts if you dig enough.

Give your windows a notable sparkle. Contact our professionals who know how to use a squeegee for maximum results. Don’t hesitate to contact our professionals for window washing residential Houston.