Window cleaning Houston TX is best left to our professionals because that’s what we do. Having clean windows is an important issue that is most effectively addressed by pros, who produce the best and most lasting results. One of the many challenges we are equipped to address is that not all windows are alike. We are able to clean every variety of window to an outstanding shine that draws attention and that lasts. Our business of window cleaning Houston TX has experience with every type of window, such as the following, and more. We also know the various strategies for achieving best results, according to window type.

Louvered Windows

Many homes in the greater Houston area sport louvered windows, which are in the nightmares of some professionals at window cleaning Houston TX. However, we have mastered the techniques to achieve a professional shine for louvered windows, and we are able to achieve the work efficiently. Likewise, we don’t require any special tools for this type of window, because of the way the panes are accessible from both sides. We simply start from the top, mopping, scraping as needed, and applying the squeegee on each side.

French-Colonial Windows

Small windows panes tend to be another dreaded job for some companies; but we are comfortable cleaning these and all types of windows, no matter how challenging the window cleaning in Houston TX. Obviously, it requires additional time to clean multiple panes. Each must be thoroughly mopped, as is the usual practice, but the best squeegee techniques must be reserved for larger window panes. Small squeegees are required, and they must be small enough to fit flatly on a single pane. When necessary, we are equipped to cut squeegees down to size for unusual window pane dimensions.

Lead light Windows

Decorative windows with unique sections of glass supported within lead frames definitely pose a special challenge for window cleaning in Houston TX. The glass can be delicate. And so this leads which holds the glass in place tends to decay. In which, this is far more quickly than the components of more commonplace windows. Our professionals understand the delicate nature of lead light windows and take special care to be gentle. We are careful and watchful for cracked and loose glass panes. Our technique is to gently mop the windows. Then, dry them with lint-free towels, and clean any remaining smudges with detailing cloth.

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