Professional window cleaning Houston TX

Professional window cleaning Houston TX

Professional window cleaning Houston TX is important to achieve top quality results that last. You get a wide range of problematic materials and situations. The following are some of the challenges that we, as professionals, have the tools and know how to tackle while producing unsurpassed results:

Hard Water Stains

You may need professional window cleaning Houston TX for help removing hard water stains from the windows. This problem occurs when the windows are overly exposed to irrigation system overspray in the yard. The mineral deposits can collect on windows and could eventually etch the glass, if not removed. Abrasives and mild chemicals can be used to remove hard water stains.


On new structures, it is normal for the windows to require removal of paint, caulking, stickers, stucco, and a variety of other substances. It’s important to trust this work to professionals in order to avoid damaging tempered and heat treated glass. A razor-edged scraper is usually the best solution for many construction-related materials on windows.


Exposure to pollutants and the sun can cause glass to age. Windows exposed to chemical cleaning, they can be more susceptible to pollutants. There are protective applications, however, that can provide protection similar to car wax or rain repellents used on automobile windshields. Window cleaning Houston TX can actually help you extend the life of the glass on your building by maintaining and protecting it.


Professional window cleaning can also provide solutions for oxidation. There are different  kinds of damage occurs. When the metals surrounding windows, such as screens and frames, are exposed to humidity or rain and deteriorate, resulting in oxidation. The oxidation often runs down the glass and clings to it or penetrates it, causing an unsightly stain.

Uncommon Windows

Business owners are often thankful for the help of professional window cleaning Houston TX because they have windows that are more difficult to clean than basic large windows. The following are two examples of a professional with no hesitation:

  • Lead light windows can be very fragile. Cleaning lead light windows requires experience, expertise, and a gentle touch.
  • French-Colonial windows are made with multiple small panes, and, for best results, cleaning them requires small squeegees of a certain size, which we have or can create to size, as needed.

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