Houston Window Washing Company

Houston window washing company needed? Don’t be fooled by the thought that window washing is a job well-suited for anyone with time on their hands. Actually, to accomplish the type of sparkle and shine windows are capable of displaying on your home, certain equipment and skills are required. Just like a mechanic with his automotive tools, the pros at our Houston window washing service are equipped and trained to achieve remarkable sparkle and shine on your windows that will last for months.

Houston Window Washing Company Tips and Tricks

Do Not Underestimate the Squeegee

The squeegee is a tool that, more than any other, can determine the success of a Houston window washing company. Not all squeegees are created equal, however. High-quality squeegees are available to everyone in most hardware stores.

The feature on a squeegee which makes or breaks its cleaning ability is the rubber blade. Even when you start out with a quality squeegee, an important secret to continued effectiveness in getting windows clean is to frequently change the blades with brand new replacements.

Our Houston window washing company doesn’t cut corners, using rounded, sliced, or nicked squeegees. The result of using a damaged squeegee is a smudged and streaked window. Oftentimes, all that is needed is to reverse the blade for a fresh edge. Storage of a squeegee is also important; nothing should touch the blade, since it would likely diminish its effectiveness.

If your windows have small panes, a small squeegee is needed for the job.

Quality Sponge

Of course, before you use your squeegee, you need to wash the window. The best tool for washing is a high-quality sponge, and it’s as simple as that.

Dish washing Soap Works

Although our window washing company has special cleaning formulas to ensure effectiveness, typical dish washing liquid is usually very useful for window cleaning. Keep in mind, however, that if cleaning windows in winter when the temperature is below freezing, adding windshield washing solution will prevent the water from freezing on your window panes.


Not all of the debris on a window comes off with a sponge. Paint specks can seem to be particularly challenging. All that is really needed, however, is a razor blade scraper. This important tool used by our company removes sticky labels, bug droppings, tree pitch, and virtually anything else that gets stuck to the window. Once the debris is removed, the spot will be clean with swipes of a soapy sponge.

There are just a few of the tools and techniques our Houston window washing company uses to ensure that customers are satisfied with our professional service.

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