Window Cleaning Company Houston


Window Cleaning Company Houston

Window Cleaning Company Houston

Clean windows sells more houses

A report from a well-known source of real estate agents surveyed by the real estate website and of Money Magazine, that if you have your windows washed or cleaned it is the number one presale improvement that generates the best ROI on investment.  By the way, if you use a Window Cleaning Company Houston this will help.

If you are putting their home the market with clean windows it is one of the best things you can do so sell your home.

Don’t believe in Luck?

We know it is you that makes the difference and not some magic.  You can definitely change and improve your levels of success.

Window Cleaning Company Houston

In other words when you consciously choose the location and the state of your home you bring out the best in yourself and those around your home.
You create your worth by strong focus and smart decisions. And, of course, by understanding and applying smart strategies in your daily life.

Cleaning ideas to get rid of the dirt from your windows is easy. The windows represent the eyes of the home and outlook on life. The cleaner your eye, the cleaner your home will be.

Windows should be shine clean to for you to see the world with focus and clarity and for the world to see you.  No knows better that a Window Cleaning Company Houston such as Window Cleaning Company Houston.


What to look for in your windows

Go to each window Is there mold?

Difficult to open are they?

How clean or dirty?

Do you have dirt in your window frames?

Take stock of what you have in your windows. Often this shows who you are as a person. Keep your windows cleaned 4 times throughout the year.  You may need a reminder is to clean them before you forget again.


Tips to cleaning windows


A natural cleaner is best.

Remove the things that may get in the way such as clutter from the windowsills.

Use a squeegee, brush and water to clean windows like the pros.


Use a Mold Remover on windowsills


2 cups of baking soda, water this makes a smooth paste. Apply to window ledge for almost half an hour.. Rinse with a rag.  Next use with a 50/50-vinegar/water rinse.


Treat the window


As the seasons go by you will want to change with it. Shades and blinds are good to have for safety reason and we all love our privacy.

Allow brightness to come into your home by letting the sun to come into the home, this brings a breath of fresh air into the home.


Screen Cleaning

Keeping screens is very important.  If you have dirty screens this will make the window look dirty so you will need to get them cleaned. This screen cleaning is good for looks as well as your health. It holds dust and allergens that can affect your physical body. It is recommended to clean your screens at least 2-3 times a year and get a Window Cleaning Company Houston to handle this.


Have you ever wondered why condensation forms on your windows? We have some thoughts below.


Causes of condensation

Is excess humidity in your house good? The forming of condensation on the coldest area of a wall, which is normally on or near the windows. Likewise, the warmer the air, the more moisture it will retain, air in your home comes in contact with cold glass or windows, it is then cooled and moisture is released in the form of condensation on the window.

Where does condensation form and why?

Condensation forms at the meeting rail and at the lower part on the inside of the window. Next, when warm air cools off, this goes down and as it fall so does the air’s temperature. This stops up the trapped air and it connects with water and forms this cloud where it has nowhere to go but on the window.

What can you do?

In order to reduce condensation, you need to control the air circulating in the room by the thermostat in your home or office.  While you cannot control the outside air you can however, control the inside.
Exhaust fans come in handy in areas such as bathroom or kitchen, laundry area.

  • If you have humidifiers close these off in your home.
  • Check the attic make sure these have the proper ventilation. Open these areas if you have to let the trap air escape.
  • Open fireplace dampers.
  • For a couple of minute a day let fresh air come into your home.

Restore your glass

Point your sprinkler heads away from the windows or glass so that the hard water that comes out does not touch the glass. The rain we have can damage windows and at this point there is not anything you can do about that, except to make sure these don’t come into contact with the glass or windows as much as possible.

If you can wipe off these areas as much as you can that is within reach.  This will save you time and money sometime down the road.  Glass restorations is a big cost if you know what you  are doing, that is why you can always hire a Window Cleaning Company Houston such as Window Cleaning Company Houston to take care of this need for you.

Left untreated, however, will just make it harder to clean and may in some cases have to get your windows replaced or repaired.  That could be a waste of your hard earned money.  This process usually takes no time to treat with the products we have on hand and can have this take care of before we leave of cleaning all your windows.

The process of restoring glass to its original appearance is time consuming and yet once done and maintained will give your windows or glass the shine that it once had and you as the homeowner or business person will love for years to come.

Unfortunately, we never anticipate the amount of time and attention that needs to be given to glass or windows is a lot to consider but we hope you will use Window Cleaning Company Houston to take care of your window cleaning needs.  Call us at 832-639-3434.  We love to help and make this process much easier for you to look out and see nice shiny windows by a Window Cleaning Company Houston.