How to Take Care of Your Windows

How to Take Care of Your Windows

Do you have many windows in your home? And wondering How to Take Care of Your Windows? If you are, don’t worry. There are many homeowners that are wondering the exact same thing. In this post, we are going to explain step by  step how you can take care of your windows in between your professional window cleaning services.

Materials you will need are:

  1. Windows
  2. A multipurpose cleaner of your choice
  3. Microfiber cloth

First Step to Clean Windows

There are basic cleaning steps to ensure that you are taking care of your windows. Beginning on the inside of the house you will need to take your clean microfiber cloth. And wipe the window frame surrounding the glass. The window frame is usually made of wood, vinyl, aluminum, or fiberglass. Once you have wiped all the windows with the dry, clean cloth. You will then take the multipurpose cleaner and spray it onto the frame and wipe dry. You can do this several time to ensure that the frame is nice and clean.

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Second Step to Clean Windows

Once the frame is clean, you will then need to remove anything that you may have on your windows. An example would be if you have any decals on the glass. Remove decals with Goo Gone or a product like that. You will rub the solution on the decal and then you can take a credit card to scrape the decal off.

Third Step to Clean Windows

Once, the decals are removed from the glass. You will then, spray your multipurpose cleaner onto the glass. After you have sprayed, take your microfiber cloth and wipe the glass clean. You can do this by either going left to right, or top to bottom. Just remember to keep going in the same direction to avoid the windows looking patchy and streaky. You can also do this step several times to make sure that your glass is clean.

You will continue those three steps to all your windows inside if necessary. Remember, take your time to ensure that your windows will be streak clean and squeaky clean.

Fourth Step to Clean Windows

Once you have finished the inside, it is time to move to the outside part of the windows. And you will complete those exact three steps on the outside of your windows as well.

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And there you go, you cleaned all your windows. And now you know How to Take Care of Your Windows. You can see it is a simple process that any homeowner can do between visits from us. Also, don’t forget to schedule your next appointment with us. Give us a call at 832-639-3434 and ensure that your windows are always squeaky clean.